{each recipe listed only once in something approximating alphabetical order}


beef, Roast
bread, Crusty
broccoli, Roasted

cake, layer, Honey Almond Apricot
cake, layer, Lemon-Lemon-Lemonx4
cake, Moravian
cake, Orange
cake, Raspberry Mojito
cake, Yogurt or Miracle Whip Chocolate 
chicken, Moroccan
chicken, Pretzel Crusted 
chicken, Provencal
chicken, Roast
chicken, Skillet Fried {Southern style}
cobbler, Peach
cookies, Dark Chocolate Chunk
cookies, Eggnog Sugar
cookies, Molasses to Rum to Slaves
cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Date
cookies, Scottish Shortbread
coleslaw, Vinegar based
cupcakes, Lemon Cherry Swirl
cupcakes, Pumpkin Gingerbread


eggs, Fried with Asparagus
eggs, Soft Boiled


Old Fashioned Gingerbread
Gingerbread, Pumpkin Bites
gnocchi and cheese, Gouda




khinkali, Meat Dumplings

lasagna, Zucchini Mushroom Ricotta

macaroons, Blueberry Coconut 
muffins, Blueberry Wheat



pasta, Shrimp Linguini 
Pecan Pralines
pie, Apple
pie, Baby Strawberry
pie, Basic Crust
pie, Coconut Cream
pie, Lemon Meringue
pie, Pumpkin
Supper Pickles
potatoes, Mashed
Pulled Pork


ricotta, homemade, Garlic & Lemon Spread

salad, Black Bean & Corn
sangria, Red Wine
sauce, Simple Thyme Tomato
soup, Black Bean & Lentil
soup, Chili
soup, Hearty Chicken & Vegetable

tart, Strawberry Almond {see also "hand pie"}






Zucchini Bread

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