Name: Victoria M. Reid
Age: 28
Location: Western Pennsylvania, United States

it seems that I'm never happy, unless I'm working on about five projects or more at once. Along with working the store, covering the Formula 1 on-track action, compiling the weekly F1 news in "Prime & Option," and working on a "Women in Racing" series at Formula1Blog, blogging about food and nonsense here, playing with Pepper-who-isn't-a-puppy-anymore, family, friends, working on a reading list a mile long {including Shelbey Foote's The Civil War trilogy, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Game of Thrones monstrosity, Dr. Zhivago, To Kill a Mockingbird, Life of Pi, Persuasion, The Scarlet Pimpernel, etc for book club, the thirty or so books I picked up at the local library fundraising book sale back in June last year: twenty-two down, eight more to read!, the thirty more from this year: ten to go! etc.}, movie watching, tv shows, my subscriptions to Vanity Fair, Vogue, Garden & Gun, Saveur, and Bon Appetit, piano practice, helping my oldest friend decorate her brand-new law practice, having been the best sister & maid of honor I could be when my best friend walked down the aisle in October, sketching and painting, party planning, and dealing with the loss of my grandfather in April, I still feel the need to add to the list.

I'm working on updating the format and function of this blog. {switching from "Living. by VMR" to "there is flour on my shoes" as a title is a teeny start} I'm looking to switch up the fashion posts, foodie posts, and add some home decor posts with appropriate designations as the timing comes right. My life here is about more than pretty pictures of food or adding pictures of myself to food posts. Doodles might return, as will a deeper look at clothing and styles, and talk of book club beyond what we're feeding each other as well as more cultural touchstones like television and movies.

Meanwhile, I'm knee deep {and approaching neck deep} in a project very close to my heart. Since returning to rural Western Pennsylvania after law school, I have become more enamored of the place than I ever suspected myself to be capable of feeling. This place is populated by people, no matter how much they fit their stereotypes, who are far more than just those stereotypes.

As such, I'm researching and writing a short novel centered on an actual grave robbing that happened here in Brookville, Pennsylvania in the 1850s. Currently titled "Westylvania," it centers on what happens in a small rural town when a recently deceased & buried African American turns up hacked to pieces in the ice house. Written in a similar style as my short story "Sing Me Home," I'm really excited about this particular project as it comes closer to fruition.

For now, those are the projects. With all my free freelance work {fan-based roadracing work is as fun as can be, but doesn't exactly pay the bills, nor does occasionally prancing about the backyard, talking about clothes, keep me in pretty shoes}, I'd love to add some paid positions to that list. Contact me if you're interested or you know of any available work that seems suited to my abilities. Enjoy what you read!

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