03 October 2013

#the29project: end month 1

it's said that to imprint a new habit, one must perform the action for thirty successive days. In that, my mission with #the29project has failed. Today is October 3. The project began August 27. There haven't even been the appropriate four weeks' worth of update posts here to chart my progress.

I don't post a picture each day; I forget to note what actions each day were for which category of kindness. My ability to shout to the rooftops of my good deeds is a miserable failure, as my good deeds are often unperformed or forgotten by the time I might remember to record them at the end of each day.

Even with all of this failure, I do not think the actual mission behind #the29project has yet failed. I do find myself more considerate of others. I take deeper breaths. I remain more aware of how my actions affect others. and, more importantly, I do not view the idea of small kindnesses as something to shout about.

I am continuing the project, and I am planning on being vocal...just not about what I've done. It is more important to do something kind than to be known to have done something kind. #the29project is about a reorganization of thinking. Performing kindnesses for the sake of telling others that you have done so is no kindness at all.

To that end, look for continued reminders of #the29project's existence and mission {and more attention to daily photos}, but no specifics. Be kind to yourselves and each another.

my daily photo from September 26: a one woman Rush premiere

"Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch." - Garrison Keillor

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