10 September 2013

#the29project: end of week 2

this week hasn't been much easier than the first week {frankly, it's been a bit harder as I've come into less contact with strangers}. Still, I am thinking about how my actions impact others. That's really what this project is about: considering others. There have been choices that I would have made without a second though that I have not made, pausing to consider more outcomes.

There is also what I'm learning about myself. It seems that the choices I make in the "me" action are often in taking the time to clean my house or organize something only moderately organized. I'm not yet sure if I am taking the easy way out & not making a  choice for me, or if I often feel that I should be doing something other than, say, cleaning my home.

Some of my friends have begun participating, which is possibly the best feeling I could have from this project. How are you doing? Have you noticed any trends in how your daily actions follow a pattern? Don't forget to tweet or Instagram #the29project or keep an eye out for pictures on the Pinterest board.

made rabbit for the first time: tasty!
rabbit braised in white wine & mustard

took Pepper for a walk along the Clarion River

"Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch." - Garrison Keillor

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