30 November 2012

party time! let the holiday season begin

it really does begin with Thanksgiving: that mad rush of forced family visits and catching up with friends, adding an extra dash of glitter to hide the snowboots, twinkly lights, romantic dreams, and a pushing mass of humanity, all searching for something the holidays can't give, if it's not already there.

that paragraph makes it sound like I'm a total Grinch, I know. That is only because I haven't yet explained how I've fallen asleep on the couch every night since I put up my twinkly decorations, with all the other lights off and a puppy snuggled into my side.

The first snow fell the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, the morning nearly my entire family trudged across the road and through the field to have breakfast at the restaurant next door. I put up the decorations that afternoon, my mom and her sister bickering over how to deal with their mother, that grandmother telling me I'd missed a spot on the tree, and my favorite {only} girl cousin studiously readying herself for finals, more than 2/3s of the way through her BSN in Nursing.

I love Christmas, the early snowfalls, the baking, the extra family time, and the joy of finding just the thing to make everyone happy when they open it on that special morning. This year is going to be particularly busy: not quite a week before Christmas, my best friend and I head on a journey to Indianapolis, St. Louis, rural Illinois, and back to throw a baby shower, visit her family for the holiday, and make it back to mine on Christmas Eve. It is going to be hectic, stress-inducing, and fabulous.

But for now, I'm kicking of the season right: a slumber party. Yes, a number of nearly thirty year old women are spending the night at my house. We'll be ogling the best of British actors with a triple feature of Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually, and The Holiday...all whilst stuffing ourselves with bread and cheese and curry, veggies, gingerbread cookies, and wine. I'm putting a huge pile of toasted bread on my coffee table, with all the dippings and chese scattered around it and calling for a free-for all. Movie nights call for informality and frivolity. and popcorn later.

To keep things in a festive mood, there is bubbly Pinot Grigio in my fridge chilling right now. Plus, to keep us up for 369 minutes of movies, I'll be mixing up some creamy Holiday cheer {equal parts Bailey's and hot espresso, shaken over ice until frothy and cold, poured in a martini glass}. It's all a recipe for a fun and delicious slumber party, right down to the cozy party favors. We're all thinking lounge clothes and are happy for at least one holiday party that doesn't require something with a control top or high heels.

I've already worked out my ideal version of Saturday's outfit on my newest time waster: Polyvore. Even though I can't find a reindeer jumper, I did manage to pick up some fleece leggings. score.

holiday slumber party

I'm not kidding. This is cozy time & friend time, and a time to stop all the crazy and just enjoy the season for what it is: a time of love and gathering. What do you do to escape the crazy and share the love this time of year?

"Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch." - Garrison Keillor

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