31 October 2011

halloweenery; or why even grown-ups need a night of revelry & costumes

a night of dressing up, eating candy, and enjoying the company of others always makes for a fun time. When you get to dress outlandishly and use fake blood, it must be Halloween. As has been mentioned ad nauseum, I both like to throw parties in general and Halloween ones specifically. Friday was just such a party. I became Morgan le Fay for the evening and held a dinner attended by a stewardess, a masquerading Baroness, a pedophile priest, Walter from The Big Lebowski, a Despicable Me minion, and a man attacked by Grover from Sesame Street, as seen here.

I had a bit of fun stalking & skulking about the yard before the guests arrived {key party planning plan - put together food & drink that requires only setting out or time in the oven in the hour before guests arrive} pretending to be my costume character and ensuring there were enough bugs and cobwebs in my autumnal, creepy Middle Ages dungeon. The food was eaten, the wine flowed, and cider warmed everyone from the chill evening. Even the attacking Grover was sated before the evening ended.
Happy Halloween!

 "Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch." - Garrison Kellior

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